BHL: Geek. Nerd. Tech. -- In this episode Black Hollywood Live host Joe Braswell and Akili Shine discuss technology for the week of August 22nd, 2014. Also joining the conversation is special guest Ryan Hollins. They open up with "Tech News" by discussing How Facebook & Twitter control what you see about Ferguson, The reasons the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, This start-up could turn your phone into a disease-detecting lab, How much privacy are we willing to give up, Why Uber just hired Obama’s campaign guru, and a tiny satellite dish that brings info into the World’s dead zones. Next up is "Nerd News" which includes Robert Rodriguez - El Rey Network, Pay to play at the Super Bowl, and TMNT is a HIT! They then discuss "Geek News" featuring Cyberwar Games, and Games For The Disabled. They wrap things up with what they're nerding out on.